Saturday, 28 July 2012

Is it really sport anymore?

What a fantastic assortment of sports the Olympics is.
Men and women in the peak of physical fitness, pushing themselves beyond the realms of human exertion. Day one and the swimming already creating a frantic and phenomenal atmosphere.
And then we casually hear about Dale Oen, - Norway’s answer to Michael Felps. World champion in his event at age 25, fastest man in Europe, fitter than any other – drops dead from a heart attack.
Shouldn’t we be worried about that? A heart attack – at 25?
At what point do we admit that enough is enough? Will we eventually realise there is only so far a body can be forced – a limit to how much a muscle can be stretched? Because, at the end of the day, the old ticker is just a muscle.
It’s a bit like my favourite sport, Rugby. Massive men working out until they have bodies like dump-trucks and then smashing into each other in bone crunching fashion. How long before one of them gets killed in action?
I suppose what I’m asking here is ‘when does a sport no longer become a sport?
Should people really die just for our entertainment?
It’s a scary thought.

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