Monday, 10 January 2011

Selective breeding

Having bred pedigree stock for much of my life, I am an advocate of selective breeding for improvement. Breeding the right males with the right females has been backbone of ecology for a millennia. It has even helped to carve out a Royal Family based on Germans!  So when we collected our two dogs from the rescue home a few years ago, I was quite particular in checking their parentage.  
Our two mongrel dogs are made up from working breeds. One is Fox Terrier cross border collie, the other a Pointer cross Spaniel. They should be the perfect working dog combination really. A pointer to point to the prey, terrier to dig it out, collie to round it up and a spaniel to retrieve it. 
However, somewhere there seems to be a configuration problem. Instead we get a pointer who can just about point at biscuits in a cupboard, a spaniel head with a dried pea in it, a terrier with attitude towards all other dogs with the body of a small collie and the mind of a criminal genius!
C’est la vie

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