Andy's books

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When a body is found in the mash tun at Glenlachan distillery, local copper Scott Donald finds himself facing a web of lies from the neighbouring community on Scotland's wild west coast. But how deep does the corruption really go?'    Yet another book full of 3 years of mumblings from his rather grumpy author
A rather dramatic story set around the Foot and Mouth crisis in 2001.
Based on a screenplay, published as a short novel in Feb 2020.
   Cash Cow is based on a true story of a man who repeatedly made history in the world of Livestock, Fine Art and, most extensively, fraud.
His ponzie scheme involving Angus cattle is legendary.
Yet another collection of somewhat offensive rantings from this author, available in paperback or Kindle   4th in a series of rantings from this author about his life in France and other things that annoy him. Available in paperback and Kindle.
A sort of autobiography of this authors life as a cattle stockman, most of them funny.    Another autobiography, this time about his life with sheep through the ages, including taking one to a disco!
Once he starts ranting, it is really difficult to shut this man up!   Continued rantings about nothing and everything that is probably not important!
The first collection of rantings from Andy Frazier. Based on a column he writes for a magazine,  this book was a best seller when published in 2011.   A heart warming story about a tenacious man called John sharp who built an entire aeroplane in his council house near Glasgow. Based on true events.
A rather riotous romp about the hapless Trevor Hard, who gets himself into a sticky situation in France. Written under a pen name.   More adventures of Trevor, this time involving a marriage, some quite strong drugs and, for some reason, a dolphin!
The rather interesting biography of a man before his time, John Frazier. And, yes, he is a relative!   An endearing tale about a calf born in Scotland, set on course for one destination. This was the author's first novel, which won much acclaim.
When an old man tells his grandson stories about his times during the second world war, strange things start happening in the town of Bewdley in Worcestershire.    A boys adventure in France takes him back to the middle ages, with Templar knights and a herd of cows! Based around the old windmill near the author's house in France.
A rather funny story about a small pig who gets sold on ebay, and embarks on a tour which sees him captured, chased, dressed up and lined up for a meal! Written for children from 8-88!

A charming children's story about a small girl and her cow, Princess, and a few baddies!
The 1st of a series of four books.
More adventures of Princess the cow. This time she has been sold to a rather evil man who rents out animals to the media.

In the 3rd book about Princess, she and a few of her pals get chance to perform on a well known TV talent show!
Princess gets the chance to appear in a film, but a real plot arrives when one of her friends goes missing and she has to solve the crime!

A reprint of a rare original long poem written in 1926, about a bull that goes to Perth Bull Sales.
Written in the Scottish Dorich dialect style.
NOT a children's book!