Friday 29 April 2011

WTF?...just a question

Today a new friend told me of their first grandchild. It made me think. These guys are no older than me; what-ho it could be me next. I raised a glass to wee Elsie, good luck to her, especially when I find out that her uncle was involved in an accident that could’ve cost him his life from a fall from three floors up, but he survived, thank God.
Then a nice day with royals which would’ve been good were it not on TV for four hours prior to anything happening at all. The world loves them and wishes them well, nice dress, shoes etc. A trip to the pub with the dogs should have tapped off a brilliant day were it not for a facebook message, my niece’s boyfriend, the same niece who lost her dad last year, the same one who has lost her Mum this year to a brain mess that will take a long while to heal. Kris’s Dad passes away, a man not old enough to die; leaving a boy of no age and a girl not old enough to deserve any of this so soon in their lives.
This Lord that giveth and take away? I ask you…please try and spread it out over a a few generations…..everyone needs a chance to heal…. Come on?
This is the second prayer I have written in three months, I surprise myself. And yes, you did answer the first one, (ish) as Sarah is recovering to an acceptable level. I will not be so arrogant as to ask whether this my payment? I am sure you are not arrogant enough to say it is, while giving us a royal wedding from the son of a princess you stole so heartlessly.
I write this (as very rarely I do) filled with well deserved drink on a day when nothing bad should happen. Tomorrow I may repent…

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