Wednesday 24 October 2012

Wonga no longer

Who the hell came up with the idea of In case you haven’t heard of it, it is a website encouraging people to take out loans to buy stuff, and it is pretty obvious that their marketing is targeting Xmas.
For god’s sake people, what were you thinking? Why don’t they just call it or Don’t these companies realise the reason why the world is in recession?
It’s due to irresponsible lending. Full stop.
That and greed by people wanting things right now, that they can’t afford.
Then we see an advert on TV for Experian. Now Experian, as some of you may know, has been around for 20+ years and was, once, a quite vital tool for lenders who would use it to check on borrower’s credit ratings and thus evaluate the risk.
But now we see them as offering a service to borrowers with the slogan as follows: “Improving your credit score can get you anything you want…”
What? So, although you haven’t paid your last bill, we can delete that information from the records, if you bung us a few quid…?
Isn’t that complete insanity?
The reason you have a bad rating is that somewhere along the line, you have not managed your money correctly. And that makes you a money lending risk, regardless of what smoke screen you put over it.
Surely, after 4 years in recession, with a pretty accurate understanding of what caused it, the government, or even the World Banks, should be monitoring some level of responsible lending? And outlawing this despicable activity?
They should be countering this with their own adverts showing the bailiffs hammering down a door and repossessing the 40 incher – on Christmas day – while the family are eating their Turkey-twizzler lunch in front of Eastenders.
With the slogan: “…if you buy things you cant pay for you will end up in jail with paedophiles and rapists, and you wont sleep for 3 years for fear of being rogered on your bunk every night!”
Can nobody see the problem in front of their eyes?

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