Angus History Book

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History of Aberdeen-Angus in the U.S., UK and worldwide.

Polled black cattle have been in existence in Scotland for over 1000 years; in-fact nobody really knew where they came from. With in-depth research, three experienced authors have slowly pieced together not only the origins of the Aberdeen-Angus but a deep history into early agriculture, travelling through industrial revolutions, wars, economic crisis and what can only be determined as fashions, all of which played a role in the formation of the breed. It also includes the earliest importations of Aberdeen-Angus into all the world’s major beef producing countries. What has emerged is a highly detailed history of a breed of cattle that went from very humble beginnings to the greatest breed on Earth. 

On the way, many stones have been overturned, bringing a tapestry of new information and stories together from hundreds of sources. Whether it is the early settlers in USA, the heady days of the legendary Perth Bull Sales or the rich and famous and people who had associations with Angus, this book brings it to life in greatest splendor in a highly entertaining volume, littered with hundreds of pictures and images, many of them unseen before. This coffee table style book not only sheds new light on the world's most successful breed, it also averages over 50 images per chapter making for a visually stunning tome.

About the authors

Dr Bob Hough 
 is a cattle historian who has held a number of posts in the US beef industry, as well as writing numerous books included the history of the Shorthorn breed. His appetite for detail knows no bounds as he methodically pieces history together to bring the reader an unforgettable experience. He has also shared many of the images from his vast collection.

Andy Frazier has held many roles in the livestock industry from stockman through to
his most recent as a podcaster and commentator. He has authored or collaborated on nearly 50 books but agrees this one is by far the most comprehensive. Andy has had an association with the Aberdeen-Angus breed in UK for four decades.

Tom Burke
needs no introduction, being labeled as Mr. Angus himself, who has had a keen involvement with the breed, man and boy.  Running the world-famous American Angus Hall of Fame in Missouri and writing many books on the subject, his knowledge has been an invaluable contribution to this book. Tom also has the honor of being inducted into the prestigious Saddle and Sirloin club in 2017. 

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