Thursday 13 October 2011

Big fat fishes are Wales

After some deliberation, 10 reasons why I will support France on Saturday.
  1. 1972-77, boarding school on the Welsh borders. Wales won every international game and rubbed it in with salt (and more painful substances).
  2. During my early years in business, I bought hundreds of cattle in Wales, and not all of them were what they were supposed to be.
  3. Wine: French make it, Wales do it.
  4. 1972-77, boarding school on the Welsh borders. As a 9 stone full back, I got trampled too many times by hot footed backs from Llandovery and Brecon college. They laughed.
  5. Nigel Owens, Gareth Thomas, Max Boyce…..Little Britain.
  6. Jonathan Davies on TV: God, does that guy ever stop complaining?
  7. I live there.
  8. Borth.
  9. 2006 Lions tour,  New Zealand. Despite us being on the same side, every Welshman (to a man) complained about Clive Woodwood at every opportunity.
  10. They wouldn’t support us if the boot was on the other foot.

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