Tuesday 24 July 2012

Hang em high

2 years after the event, at last someone in high places has seen some sense and decided to prosecute those scoundrels in the media for their despicable reporting methods. That woman, the one innocently hiding behind those vivacious auburn locks – she has to be guilty, at least of something. Just take a look at her.
And as for Coulson, a bigger liar there can ne’re have been. The fact he has worked for the ‘blokey’ PM makes him guilty at least. And it’s unlikely that DC will get away squeaky clean either. Hang em all, say I
But the irony is, that this time it will be trial by media. The firing squad facing, er, the firing squad.
Poetic isn’t it…..human nature at it's finest.
However, there is the sad part. Now 600 wanabe and has-been celebrities will all come clambering for the limelight to kick-start their own careers again with some front page news.
‘It was me.’
‘They hacked my phone while I was having an intimate clandestine conversation with my secret gay lover.  The fact that I was married with three kids, or a devote catholic has nothing to do with it.’
 ‘So, I was caught with my hand in the pubic till, rifling around for loose change AND I posted my phone number on 20 homosexual websites, just in case the media were completely blind. Just because I’m a public figure doesn’t mean I can’t walk naked on the beach…’
Hmmm, well, actually, it does.
How many of us real people believe that their phone network is secure? I don’t, for certain. I can remember years ago a mate of mine having a scanner and listening in on a variety of interesting village conversation. Lovers out late at night, cooing their secrets and sexual preferences to someone else’s spouse down their mobile phone.
I agree that in this case, the media is as guilty as sin itself, and should swing for their actions. But please, all you on the b-listers, don’t pretend you were not glad of the publicity.
To quote Christine Keeler: ‘Democracy is Hypocrisy without limitation..’

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