Thursday 12 July 2012

What a load of Sherman Tank

My name is Ed and I’m just a kid
So many rhymes that I cant get rid
I made a song about a pound of squid
It only cost me a couple a quid

But it was tasty
When I wrapped it in pastry
And cooked at gas 3
In my kitchen in Aintree
With my girlfriend called Daisy
Who was really quite lazy
But it didn’t phase me
Or even amaze me
Coz she was from Paisley
And featured on page 3

I have bad hair but it makes me good
And had a hit when I never should,
A pint of beer, half a dozen drams
Then caught a bus and a couple of trams

But I got to a studio
Cos I’m so cool, you know
Sound just like a real pro
Although I just left school though
Already making real dough
Met the Prince and his bro
Gonna buy a crossbow
Which rhymes with Moscow
This song’s turning to tosh now
Who care’s, I got cash now….

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