Sunday 22 July 2012

To kill a mocking-lamb

Was it Churchill who said: ... for god’s sake get off your arse?
Oh no, wait a minute, that was my Dad.
But you know what I mean…there’s always someone telling you something needs doing?
Right now – this very minute….
Today, the sheep are out again. I am awoken from a snooze with this exciting news. I say again, as they have been through the fence everyday this week. Not all of them, just two or three cheeky ones foraging about in the longer grass instead of in the tightly cropped field I had confined them too. Its seems that some animals are above the law.
Like magpie’s.
Or bankers.
Well these few beasts are pushing the boundaries just a little too much, especially now they are knawing on my vegetable garden. The punishment for this is quite severe.
Very severe actually….
Anyone ever see that film The Great Escape – where Paul Newman gets put in the cooler?
How ironic, then, that the same fate awaits these escapees.
BBQ anyone?

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