Tuesday 28 August 2012

TGI Monday

They creep up on you don’t they? These weekends when you say ‘we’re going to take it easy’?
Thursday evening, out for a barbie, Friday another. Saturday an Irish invasion and a dozen mouths to feed. That’s something that never bothers me. A whole heap of folks turn up and I just get the pan on. Green and yellow peppers stuffed with sausage-meat and rice – quick, easy, tasty and cheap. They seemed happy.
Then it’s out for Sunday lunch and digestive back home afterwards. A late night in the warm summer air, talking rubbish, a midnight swim and  - oops, here it comes – Monday again.
But this is a different Monday, because it’s a UK bank holiday.
It always makes me smile that the irony of our bank holiday Mondays is totally lost on the French, because their banks don’t open on any Mondays, ever! Lundi is generally treated as a day of rest by most industries, after their busy social weekends. Which then allows their Sundays to be used for what they’re supposed to be - getting hammered!
What a great idea.
Do you think it will catch on in UK?
Je ne pense par!

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