Friday 17 December 2010

First Class Christmas

    Yep, we have done it again. Postponed writing out Christmas cards until the very last minute, which means they will now have to be sent first class.
    This I year I got round to wondering why we bother. I don’t mean to sound a Scrooge (although that is probably what I am) but are Xmas cards really necessary? We are not even at home this year, so they will pile up in our mailbox until I get chance to pick them up some time in January. And we won’t receive any here as nobody knows where we are living at the moment.
    We bought some really nice ones this year and I am tempted to just write a few to ourselves. ‘To us from us, hope you like the card, we chose it specially. Sorry didn’t send a present, but we didn’t know what you wanted this year.’
    See, if we all did that we would get a few nice cards and look at the money we would save on buying first class stamps at three hundred pounds each. In fact the more organised ones amongst us, you know, the ones who dig the snow from their driveway with tea spoon so they can chug off to work for the government and clutter up the roads. Well they could give themselves theirs early to save money.
We also wouldn’t have to queue up at the village Post Office catching germs from all the sniffling people for 3 hours. 3 bloody hours to the only desk that is open because the Post Mistress has caught flu from the bloody organised people in the queue last week. She is probably sitting at home by the glowing fire writing bloody Christmas cards and watching Jeremy bloody sodding Kyle.
The good old smiling postie wouldn’t have to brave the bracing weather and be dug out of snowdrifts by men in fluorescent jackets, delivering illegible hand written envelopes with only half a post code because the sender couldn’t be arsed to look it up on line. As always, it makes perfect sense to me.
OK, Merry Christmas everyone!

PS anyone wishing to know our address please email me!

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