Tuesday 7 December 2010

Grand Ideas?

What is it with that programme Grand Designs? I used to enjoy people's quirky ideas of a building a fabulous new house with loads of natural light and stunning views. I was even inspired by it when I designed our own barn conversion, a 10 metre high wooden structure with a glass front and balcony.
So just when did Kevin McLeod turn into an eco-tit and the program spiral out of control towards the green party? When was it that suddenly the only way to get on the show was to be a complete and utter fruitcake?
 On one recent programme, an imbecile decided to build a house he had seen on the back of a yoghurt pot! To make things worse he had absolutely no building experience whatsoever. A water mill, on stilts on the side of a 30 degree slope in the hills with no natural water within 5 miles. What a feckin eejut!?
 The show before that a man built one out of straw bales. Great. I used to do that too. When I was 8 years old. I hope he has plenty of eco-friendly rat poison!
People drive 100 miles in a lorry to get three pieces of recycled cardboard to build an internal wall because it is more ‘eco-friendly’ than plaster board. Never mind the fact that the lorry has just gassed half of the country and used 40 gallons of fuel to fetch it.
And let’s put some turf on the roof. What’s that about? Who is going up there to mow the lawn?
I know, here’s a good idea, lets build a house under ground. What!? Have you seen a mole close too? It can’t see because it has had to squint in the dark all its life.
Please get this rubbish off our screens before this man is certified and committed!

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