Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow bites

Why is it that the media insist on using sensationalist clichés every time we get a smattering of snow?
The country is gripped in a big freeze, temperatures will struggle to get above freezing! It’s called frost, it happens every year because it is winter, just get on with it.
Travel plans in disarray, hundreds of travellers stranded. Yes, its winter. Runways need to be cleared of snow. Or would they rather all die in a plane crash.
Main arteries of the country ground to a standstill? Because morons run the councils perhaps, and because only morons go out driving in the snow? Shut the roads, clear the snow, open them again? Let the lorries through first. Then the 4x4’s. Too much snow, send the drivers back home. Can’t get to work? Take a day off. Or even better, use the telephone. Simples.

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