Tuesday 28 December 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

For those of you who have not seen me lately, I seem to have avoided the barbers shop for some time. Born with natural curls, my ‘barnet’ currently resembles that of a woolly mammoth. I have recently been likened to Robert Plant but without the voice, or Peter Stringfellow but without the birds, or even Shirley Temple only slightly more facetious. Although I quite like my curls, they do cause me occasional ridicule.
So while in the local pub yesterday my dear other half mentioned to a few locals, whilst I was out of ear shot, that perhaps it was time for me to have a roof-chop.  Within seconds she had drummed up support for this cause to the tune of 500 quid in donations to charity. To be precise, the Air Ambulance charity. They do such a great job in rural English areas and operate completely on charity funds with no government aid whatsoever. I was soon in a position of which there was no escape.
And so it is, as over the next few days the donations are still rolling in to sponsor the event for which a target has been set to raise a grand. The date and venue is now planned for New Years Eve in the Rock Cross Inn, Rock at 8pm. A suitable volunteer has been designated and a complete head shave is now on the cards. Hopefully, a woolly hat can also be donated!
Be there early if you want a ringside seat. Bring cash.

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